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Tank dumping.

  • All waste tanks must be emptied with the gauges inside also reading "empty" before returning. We will show you how to do this.

  • Each RV has two waste holding tanks. A grey water tank which holds dirty sink and shower water, and a black tank which holds the toilet waste. 

  • Sometimes one of the tanks (usually the black tank) will not empty completely the first time. It may seem like the waste is all out, but if the gauge inside does not read "empty", then most likely some debris is still stuck inside. 

  • By using the "black water flush", most likely the tank will be emptied completely.

  • Another trick is to dump a back of ice down the toilet so that the ice can bounce around inside the holding tank while driving, which will loosen the debris from the sides of the tank, and then dump it.

  • A last resort would be to pay us $50 to dump the tanks for you.

  • We highly recommend heading to and search "RV tank dumping". There are several really great videos like this one.

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